Born and raised in the tippy top corner of Upper East Tennessee, I grew up singing hymns in a tiny country church. At 14, I picked up the guitar and taught myself the basics. Songwriting is the way I best process the world and the complexities of human experience. Play is vital to my process. Acting without being sure of myself is how I make my mark. 

I do not currently have access to fancy equipment, so all of my songs are demos made with the Spire app. Being able to record so easily helps me hammer out ideas while I'm running around attempting to be a grown up!

I am crazy about John Prine, Mother Maybelle Carter, Joni Mitchell, Iris DeMent, Doc Watson, Townes Van Zandt, Paul Simon, Janis Joplin, Leo Kottke, Sam Cooke, Blaze Foley, and Howlin' Wolf, among countless others!